12 quatrains of love

I write with tears across
my eyelids because
that is the only ink sweet
enough to express my love for You

I can love You more in silence
than when my heart is
crushed into words that the world
can grate upon and devour

iii. if I took a flower and
tenderly stroked it across
Your form would it make You reveal
Your love for me?

this morning sunlight
skipped across my mind
before the sun had ever crossed
the horizon / perhaps it was You

the emptiness inside is so
full that it squeezes
out through my eyes
as tears

I had always thought the world
was outside of me and then i realized
that I was outside the world
and inside of You

Isee Your face/ feel Your presence in the
room/ then the throb of my body distracts
me/ the juice that spills from my desire for
You/ is that also You speaking to me?

if I could paint a scene
with my heart it would be
a canvas of liquid thrills
and love-salted tears

I fell in love with You
in silence and my tears
became the juice
of our lovemaking

was there ever a time when I did not
love You? surely it has always been
going on behind the curtain of
my moods and imaginings

my heart is melting
like sunlit ice and
v pouring out through
my eyes as tears

a stray call shook
me from my sleep this morning
perhaps it was You calling
to tell me You were near

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all rights reserved © 2008 tony ellis