a place of peace

there is a place of peace
inside of you
stretched thin and glorious
like a straight line

when softly touched it explodes with radiance
and the warm glow of surety.

there is no fear in this place of peace,
only safety

there is no hope here,
only certainty

there is no anger here,
only love

in this place of peace
the promises of politicians
seem distant echoes,
like tin cans blown along an empty alley

the smell of money
turns to a wafted scent of compassion,
and greed is distant
like a burned out taillight

in this place of peace
you are warm and unafraid,
clear and courageous,
happy and outrageous

all things are possible in this place of peace,
all energy inexhaustible,
and any insecurity
blooms into magnificence

in this place of peace,
you are me
and we are everyone,
and the only certain thing
is that I am,
and always will be,
the source, course,
mother, son,
daughter and grandparent
of this my only child—the world

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all rights reserved © 2008 tony ellis