at peace

I’ve stopped looking
and begun accepting
fascinated by what I see
in the mirror each day
rather than being seen
in the morning hours of exhaustion
when a blissful tiredness won’t allow me to take form
I enjoy the beauty
of just being
it is yet too early to have made mistakes in the day
imagined dreams
or taken positions
there are no politics to believe in
no views to discount
no arrogance to conceit
at this time
creation is only an expectation
the sun patiently sits in silence
at the door of dawn
it is too soon for even a bird to have spoken
only the unseen night creatures
slide around in the darkness
but they are unfelt fears outside my window
not mine to share

at this time
I don’t need to be a yogi, a saint or a seer
a brother, a husband or child
no singularity sits before me
nothing enjoys being nothing
everything sits on the tip of the horizon
quietly waiting to happen
today I would be happy
being a grain of sand between my toes
or a feather floating in air

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all rights reserved © 2008 tony ellis