play with children

play with children;
learn to be young again

all that ages you
is your moods and thoughts
and temperament

they set like concrete
hard against your heart,
rough and sharp and brittle;
while inside
a young child waits in the dark

break free

who cares if you look like a fool?
no one said the gates to heaven
are manned by seriousness

does a spring flower
strain to grow
or a kitten read a manual?
when did joy have to pass a test
or greeness open an account?

on the way to meditation
a woman came sliding towards me,
sideways in her car,
out of control on the ice,
willing to risk her life
(and mine)
in her rush to transcend

the most earnest seekers
miss the turning
they go so fast

go slow on the corners, my dear
God is also in the curves

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all rights reserved © 2008 tony ellis