“I want to read aloud every poem in this book to everyone in the whole world.”


“I want to read aloud every poem in this book to everyone in the whole world. I know truth when I see it. Tony’s poetry has reawakened in me a deeper sense of God’s world. I am left only with myself and the mystery of how the simple can be so profound.”
—Gloria Wendroff, Heavenletters.org

“The beguiling subtitle "twenty-seven poems by tony ellis and a couple by his dad" give us a glimpse of the warm feeling and light-hearted spirit of this collection of poems by father and son. Tony’s poems coax the reader into silent, soft depths of knowingness, which will at times, suspend your breath. He observes "the sacred" in what is simple and close by—a cat, a garden, a bed-pillow. His father, Bob, finds silent rhythms and rippling lullabies in his beloved Welsh mountains and Yorkshire moors. If you love poetry, let this work guide you to find your own voice.”
—Rodney Charles, author of the best-selling Every Day a Miracle Happens.

“These poems were crafted by a deeply spiritual soul. They are populated by angels, gods, goddesses, ‘deep carpets of bluebells and wild onions,’ ‘infinity covered in a stranger's mask." Reading this book you will step into a world where ‘there are no bones in my hands, only light.’
—Diane Frank, award winning poet and author of Blackberries in the Dream House and The Winter Life of Shooting Stars.

“These beautiful poems will lighten your soul and make your heart smile.”
—Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul.

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