say nothing

say nothing
in the clear morning air

hold onto that silence
as you awaken
into the dream

feel it fill you to bursting
and then float out
into the day
like a proud balloon
that bobs and weaves
and makes light
of every twitch and turn

that is life

not the dull clod of earth
that drags your feet
cased in concrete,
nor the heavy cloak of mood
that settles like dull fog
on your mind

you need no form
to feel the thrill of existence;

no thoughts
to shape the fragile mold;
no cup of religion
to drink your faith

just be
and breathe silence,
until it becomes
a force so huge
that you have no meaning,
only presence;

no future,
only now;
no story,
only rhyme

if I could be with you
in that silent space,
that divine flame of time,
that everything of nothing,
I would rush into your arms
like a madman
and make love to your being
for ever

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all rights reserved © 2008 tony ellis