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When Jupiter Aligns with Mars

Signs of the Times by Robert Fitzgerald

by Tony Ellis

Robert Fitzgerald knows a lot about heavenly influences, even down to those responsible for the fashion phenomenon of tight jeans and leather jackets that began in the 1950’s (you will have to read the book to find out that one!) In Signs of the Times, he describes in fascinating detail how astrological cycles have determined the events of human civilization in the past and where they will take us in the future. He takes the title of his book from a New Testament quote in which Christ tells the Pharisees that although they may be able to predict tomorrow’s weather  by reading the evening sky, they are not able to interpret “the signs of the times” that indicate more portentous events. Fitzgerald argues the constellations are Gods’ way of giving us a map about the nature of time and its various influences on human condition— “as above, so below,” so to speak. He illustrates his argument with a quick overview of key historical events as seen from a mainly western perspective.

However, his reason for writing the book is not to give an explanation of the past, but rather to help us understand the future. From his research of over thirty years, he believes the heavens reveal that we stand on the edge of a huge transformation in human consciousness brought about by the astrological progression from Pisces to Aquarius (2060). This he believes will result in the Golden Age predicted in so many spiritual traditions where peace and harmony become the principle qualities of life and “the impossible becomes possible.”  In the meantime, the world has to go through a process of dissolution and transformation.

Much gloomy end-of-the-world stuff has been written about the Mayan calendar terminating in 2012, and the biblical Apocalypse is always a scary concept.  Fitzgerald has the insight to reach beyond this pessimism. He sees the influence of the constellations as being cyclical in nature. For every ending there is always a new beginning. Furthermore, there are circles within circles and for every negative influence there is a corresponding positive force. The current influence of Pisces, a water sign, may be bringing us the possibility of dissolution and the corresponding mental phenomena of fear and anxiety (terrorism, doomsday scenarios, George Bush, etc.), but it also opens the door to spiritual experience. Fitzgerald believes that within the problems of today’s world also lies the solution. Man has the ability to interact with the divine in order to determine his future. The technique is to go within through meditation and commune with the deepest level of existence. In this way, the forces of dissolution and fragmentation are transformed into the binding power of unity. It is no accident that the planet Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces. As the song says: Love is the answer. Fitting, that I should be writing this review on Valentines’ Day.

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