“Tony’s poems coax the reader into silent, soft depths of knowingness, which will at times, suspend your breath.”


new poems

on poetry
the morning of creation
at peace
say nothing
play more with children
monk lover
12 quatrains of love
love you more
inside shoes
the raven
dying of wisdom
the end of my poem
dreams of Vishnu
a sadhu's song / an ending
the song of passing

selections from
there is wisdom in walnuts: 27 poems by Tony Ellis & a couple by his dad

there is wisdom in walnuts
a place of peace
hawks watched over me
sneaking free
a lotus petal of love
childhood memory
I once met a god
venetian blinds
saturday march 15th—on the eve of war
in the face of God
there are angels sneaking up on me
a heart full of galaxies
places in my heart

poems by bob ellis

the turning point
the lullaby of running water



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